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Lina Sbai
 Architecture & Art


Lina Sbai is an independent architect and multidisciplinary artist.

She was born and raised in Morocco, around an intellectual and artistic environment. Her childhood was marked by frequent trips to the four corners of the world, but especially, by more modest trips to desertic regions on the fringes of Morocco. These inspiring escapades in the desert were essential in revealing her roots.

After obtaining her Bac S at the Lyautey high school in Casablanca, Lina flew to Paris to study art for a year. Afterwards, she reorients herself to studies of architecture. She said: “After a year of studying, I came to the conclusion that art was aimed at a sensitive and minor audience. On the other hand, architecture affects everyone, consciously or unconsciously. It can have a more meaningful impact. It is the reason why I decided to make it my job.»


Despite her career choice, Lina has pursued her passion for art, by feeding her artistic fiber. Painting, photography and video production shape her multidisciplinary talent.


She is always exploring new ways to express herself. Her favorite source of inspiration are sensible subjects, such as psychology, spirituality, and her love for the desert.

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