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Lina Sbai
 Architecture & Art

Above the desert

The desert is a landscape shaped by time, where you feel reborn all the time. Faced with this impressive nature, we can feel this spiritual dimension that hovers around us. Emptiness and silence give to time its full density and give us a certain freedom to think without being disturbed.


Much more than a landscape, the desert is a state of mind: a return to basics, a return to the source, a return to the earth, a return to life, a return to ourselves.


The desert allows us to see the world from above, while staying below. The immensity of the landscape gives us the impression of being very small. We are then just one small point in the vastness of the universe. This feeling is similar to seeing the world from above.


Seen from above, we are all the same. We are all related. We are one. Seen from above, borders are just lines imaginaries that separate us. Everything is the same from the sky.


In this collection of paintings, I share with you my vision of this world from above. This world, in which we are all linked, interdependent, and equal.


© Lina Sbai 2023

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